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Qigong exercises both
body and soul

Qigong is a healing exercise method developed in China over thousands of years. The word is formed from two Chinese characters: Qi and Gong. Qi stands for life energy and Gong means extraordinary achievement. Qigong is about self-training - through slow movements, focused breathing techniques and concentration - you influence the energy flow in your body and dissolve blockages. With very small means, you improve your health and discover how well you can actually feel.

At Yangtorp, we practice medical Qigong according to ancient traditions developed and refined over generations by the Wu Lee family. Six Secret Words is a holistic system for total balance, while De Rui Qigong is a good beginner system: it is easy to learn and suitable for all ages. With us, you can also practice Shaolin Qigong, in the form of Kung Fu, according to methods that originate from the legendary Shaolin Temple in China. The Shaolin monks have always been known for their strength, agility and skill.


- get increased energy and zest for life
- become more present
- learn to manage stress
- increase your creativity
- reduce tension and pain
– improve your mobility
- get better sleep
- increase your body awareness

You get to experience qigong   in all our temple retreats – 1, 2 or 3 days, alternatively a whole week.

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