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Master Marcus studied TCM with great masters in China

Marcus Bongart began his acupuncture practice in 1983 with Professor Zbigniew Garnuszewski, MD, Vice-President of the World Federation of Acupuncturists in Beijing, China.


In 1986 he continued studying at the Beijing University of TCM where he later also worked under the now world-renowned acupuncturist Professor Cheng Xinnong (Beijing).


Marcus was appointed qigong master in China in 1991 and in 2001 he was admitted to the Shaolin temple and received his monk name Shi de Rui from the legendary Shaolin abbot Shu Soxi.

He has since with great enthusiasm and warm commitment shared this many thousand years of knowledge both to course participants, patients and professionals trained in Medical Qigong for many years.

Master Marcus Bongart – some key dates

  • 1971 first encounter with qigong.

  • 1976 Introduction to the art of healing as a pupil of the native American Mexican shaman Don Josepe.

  • 1977-1982 Studies in qigong under Master Wang Hu.

  • 1980 Studies in Bioplasma and Quantum Mechanics as defined in the theories of Professor W. Sedlak (Lublin University, Poland).

  • 1982 Research into the principles of Huna under the tutorship of Kahuna Waena Ki’i Akalana.

  • 1983 Opens his first clinic, Kvantterapi Institutet (the Quantum Therapy Institute) in Malmö, Sweden.

  • 1983-1986 Trains in acupuncture under Professor Zbigniew Garnuszewski, MD, Vice-President of the WFA (World Federation of Acupuncture ) in Beijing, China.

  • 1984 Leads courses in qigong in Sweden.

  • 1985 Establishes Sweden’s first qigong association, Svensk Medicinsk Qigong.

  • 1986 Starts therapeutic work in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and organises Qigong Weeks in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe.

  • 1986 Establishes a school offering vocational training in TCM in Vellinge, Sweden.

  • 1986 Organizes the first European Medical Qigong Conference in Falsterbo in southern Sweden

  • 1987-2003 Establishes and runs a research institute in Vellinge, Sweden, with Professor Z. Garnuszewski, MD, and Dr Szymanski.

  • 1986-1994 Numerous trips to the Academy of Chinese Medicine in Beijing and to the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to study Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

  • 1987 Lays the foundations for active collaboration with doctors of TCM, professors and qigong masters in China.

  • 1988 Initiates cooperation between vocational studies in Vellinge, the Swedish Employment Service and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

  • 1988 Leads courses in Medical Qigong’s “Six Secret Words” in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe.

  • 1988 Practises acupuncture under the supervision of Professor Cheng Xinnong at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology.

  • 1988-1989 Lays the foundations for the establishment of the World Academic Society of Qigong (WASMQ) in Beijing, China.

  • 1989 Commences studies at Shaolin Temple under Shi De Yu.

  • 1989 Leads first qigong courses in Warszawa in Poland..

  • 1989 Elected as Permanent Member of the Council on the Board of Directors of WASMQ.

  • 1990-1994 Studies Western medicine at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology at Uppsala University, Sweden.

  • 1991 Adopted as a member of the Wu Lee family. Awarded the title of Qigong Master in the Wu Lee family.

  • 1991-1997 Employed as guest lecturer for the Polish Acupuncture Federation to teach registered doctors as part of the Polish Acupuncture Societies tuition at Warsaw University.

  • 1991-2003 Establishes a research institute in Poland and coordinates work there with work in Vellinge, Sweden.

  • 1991 Initiates cooperation between Vellinge School for TCM and Beijing University. 1991 The first issue of the magazine Qi is printed.

  • 1991 Initiates collaboration with Master Wan Su Jin.

  • 1991 He teaches the first Medical Qigong Instructors in Sweden

  • 1992 Initiates collaboration with Master Huan Xiaokuan, a professor at Beijing General PLA Hospital. 1994 Practises with Florentino Motea, a spiritual healer from the Philippines.

  • 1995 Practises with Kahuna Geaore Kahili on Hawaii.

  • 1994 Founds a Polish Medical Qigong Association.

  • 1996 Founds a Norwegian Medical Qigong Association.

  • 1997 Inauguration of the CesamQ Center in Malmö, Sweden.

  • 1998-2015 Construction of Yangtorp Temple.

  • 1998 Elected Vice President of WASMQ.

  • 2001 Ordained in the Shaolin Temple and receives the Buddhist name, Shi De Rui, from the legendary abbot Shi Su Xi.

  • 2006 Polish Television documents Master Marcus Bongart’s work in the film “The Master”. 2007 Elected as President of KAM, the Committee for Alternative Medicine in Sweden.

  • 2010 Awarded the Polish monthly magazine Nieznany Wiatt’s annual prize.

  • 2010 Establishes the Foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong.

  • 2011 Appointed by WASMQ in China as a qigong expert with overall responsibility for educational activities in medical qigong in Europe.

  • 2012 Elected to the Scientific Committee of Medical Qigong by the WASMQ Board and appointed Vice President of the Committee.

  • 2012 Bongart’s “The Great Synthesis” is published by the Medical University of Lublin, Poland. 2012 The European Federation for De Rui Qigong Family is founded in Sweden.

  • 2014 A Polish De Rui Qigong Association is founded in Władysławowo. Master Marcus Bongart is elected as the association’s first President.

  • 2015 Construction of Yangtorp Sanctuary is completed.

  • 2016 Collaboration is initiated with Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 2016 Work recommences with vocational training in CesamQ.

  • Throughout this time Master Marcus Bongart has taken an active part in numerous TCM conferences and congresses and presented more than 60 research results.

Watch an exciting documentary about Master Marcus Bongart's journey!

Marcus was appointed qigong master in China in 1991 and in 2001 he was admitted to the Shaolin temple and received his monk name Shi de Rui from the legendary Shaolin abbot Shu Soxi.

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