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Master Marcus philosophy

I often encounter people's ability - and inability - to be able, willing and dare to see the life they live, accept it as it is or seek the strength to change it. When you see yourself and your life clearly, you also become aware of your relationship to everything around: friends, family, everyday life and work.

At the same time as I have devoted my life to sharing Eastern philosophy and my medical and spiritual knowledge, there has been a rapid change in the living conditions of society. As performance and consumption requirements have increased, it has become increasingly difficult for people to achieve internal and external development. Sometimes I meet people who have lost both their mental and physical health, people who live a superficial material life without a deeper and more meaningful meaning. Often with a tired acceptance and without insight into the universal perspective that exists within all of us, if we only take the time to see and understand. Instead, we look for simple solutions: read a suitable answer in a popular science book, take a quick feel-good course and mix different knowledge without immersing ourselves in the genuine and relevant.

One of my most important life tasks is to create the conditions for man to be able to take part in the cosmic perspective and the energy that everything consists of. Knowledge that makes it possible to develop both physically and spiritually and spiritually.

I am often asked if you have to be religious to understand, and my answer is always the same: It is enough to be a person with a big, open mind and a will to take responsibility for yourself and everyone else. I myself am a Buddhist and share these thoughts, experiences and the Buddhist philosophy with others. In 2002, I was ordained a monk by Grandmaster Su Xi at Shaolin Temple in China and received the name Shi De Rui.

Marcus Bongart

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