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Our Networks

CesamQ works closely with several significant Qigong players around the world and we are constantly working to develop our exchange programs for both teachers and students. Our network includes:


Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

With 16,000 students, 23 Bachelor's programs and 55 Master's programs, Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a key player in training the TCM physicians of the future. The university, which is today one of five TCM universities sponsored by the Chinese state, was among the first institutions to start international education with the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Education in 1993. Yangtorp has an ongoing exchange program with the university for both teachers and students. The collaboration also makes it possible for our students to apply for scholarships at Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and practice at Chinese hospitals.  


Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple was built in 497 AD in Zhengzhou, China. The famous martial art Shaolin-Kung fu was born here, and the Shaolin monks are known for their strength, agility and skill in handling Qi. Shaolin is a unique center for classical Chinese martial arts, and Yangtorp has an active exchange program with the temple: we regularly invite Shaolin monks as guest lecturers and guest trainers and arrange study trips to Shaolin.  


World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, WasmQ

WasmQ is the world's leading medical qigong organization and was founded in 1989. WasmQ, based in Beijing, brings together Qigong associations, highly regarded Qigong physicians and masters from around the world. WasmQ works to promote understanding and collaboration between researchers and professional practitioners of medical Qigong, stimulate and strengthen international contacts at the academic level and support the scientific research on medical Qigong. All courses within CesamQ are approved by WasmQ.


European Federation of The Rui Qigong Family

The organization works for various associations to coordinate their activities and jointly spread De Rui Qigong. The European Federation of De Rui Qigong Family was founded in 2012 and Yangtorp takes an active part in the business. 


Swedish Medical Qigong Society, SMQS

A non-profit association that works to support Qigong activities and active development of the practice. SMQS is based at Yangtorp Sanctuary and is a national forum for Qigong practitioners. The association holds annual meetings for members and offers interesting lectures, social evenings and meditation.
Membership fee: SEK 250 / calendar year


Polskie Stowazyszenie Zdrowotnego Qigongu och
Polskie Stowazyszenie Zdrowotnego Qigongu De Rui Qigongu

Two non-profit sister associations in Poland based in Kielce and Sopot respectively. Polskie Stowazyszenie Zdrowotnego Qigongu was founded in 1993 on the initiative of Master Marcus Bongart, and Polskie Stowazyszenie Zdrowotnego De Rui Qigongu was formed in 2014 with the aim of preserving the original Chinese Qigong philosophy in unchanged form.


Norwegian Society for Medical Qigong

A non-profit association based in Oslo. The association works actively to spread the original Chinese Qigong philosophy, and most of the members have completed the basic course in Six Secret Words. 


Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute, Australia

The institute has been run by Master Allan Kelson since 1986.
The purpose of the activity is to increase the public's knowledge of Tai Chi and Qigong.



Shaolin Kung Fu, Denmark

A non-profit association based just outside Copenhagen. The association is Denmark's largest association for Kung Fu in the old traditional style.

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