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Shaolin Temple China has been cooperating with Yangtorp Sweden since 2019

Since October 25, 2019, Yangtorp Sanctuary has been officially authorized by the world-famous Chinese Shaolin Temple - to spread knowledge about the Shaolin spirit and its culture, Kung Fu, Qigong, TCM, as well as its philosophy. The collaboration grew out of a long-term friendship between Master Marcus Shi De Rui and the monks at the Shaolin Temple in China.

Shaolin Temple was built in AD 497 in Zhengzhou in China. Here the famous martial art of Shaolin-Kung fu was born, and the Shaolin monks are known for their strength, agility and skill in handling Qi. Shaolin is a unique center of classical Chinese martial arts, and Yangtorp has an active exchange program with the temple: we regularly invite Shaolin monks as guest lecturers and guest trainers and organize study trips to Shaolin. 

Further on, we will tell you more about the exciting and different life in Shaolin Temple and the hard training with the Shaolin monks.

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