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Sat, 28 Jan



Vocational training - Qigong trainer De Rui 1 - Start January 2023

The course includes 3 weekends: 28-29/1, 25-26/2, 29-30/4. Are you looking for balance and harmony, both at work and privately? Do you want to work with health and are you interested in Chinese medicine, culture, philosophy and tradition? Do you want rewarding work full-time or part-time? Price: SEK 24,000 incl. VAT

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Vocational training - Qigong trainer De Rui 1 - Start January 2023
Vocational training - Qigong trainer De Rui 1 - Start January 2023

Tid och plats

28 Jan 2023, 09:00 – 29 Jan 2023, 18:00

Yangtorp , Sweden

Om evenemanget

If you ask Qigong master Marcus Bongart what qigong is, you get the answer: "a philosophy of life. Qigong is a way of thinking and a way of being. A way of living in harmony with oneself and one´s surroundings"

    He describes Qigong as a teqnique to controll life energy by doing certain movements, regulate breathing and concentrate the thoughts. It is a tool we can use to achieve balance in our body and with our environment. Movements and thoughts are closely linked in Qigong training. When you perform the movements, you simultaneously concentrate your thoughts on different organs in the body. An important part of the exercise is therefore knowing why you perform the particular movements and visualizing what is happening - this increases the effect. Qigong training provides a deeper understanding of the – functions and how the various organs fu nction and influence each other.


  • As a fully trained Qigong trainer, you can, for example, teach private individuals and business groups as well as work with study associations, rehabilitation and team building. Within municipalities and private groups, Qigong is today included as a natural wellness alternative, and both in Sweden and abroad there is a great and growing interest in the knowledge that ancient Chinese medicine offers.
  • Within CesamQ, you study the Qigong system De Rui and the training takes place in three stages. After the first part, De Rui 1, you are ready to start teaching at the first level. De Rui Qigong is a well-proven Qigong and meditation system that works both preventively and rehabilitatively. De Rui Qigong can be taught to everyone, young and old, healthy and sick, and the training method suits the modern, stressed person well.
  • De Rui Qigong is a path to better health and longer life, and provides knowledge on how to live a good, balanced and harmonious life through self-training. De Rui Qigong lays the foundation for further education within the CesamQ concept where you can study TCM, tuina massage and acupuncture among other things.
  • The basic education for the "De Rui 1" education is laid out for 48 study hours and home studie between each meeting.
  • Teacher:Qigong master Marcus Bongart – qigong instructor Annica Svensson

Course time: 28-29/1, 25-26/2, 29-30/4.

Price: SEK 24,000


Then there are more opportunities for further education.


  • Vocational training Malmö - voucher

    The course includes 3 weekends: 28-29/1, 25-26/2, 29-30/4

    SEK 24,000.00
    Tax: moms included+SEK 600.00 service fee
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