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Niclas is affiliated with Shaolin Temple in China and has been trained there since 2012 when he made his first training trip for 6 months. Learning Kung Fu is a lifelong journey, so he constantly returns there to replenish his knowledge, train intensively and take part in the deeper spiritual part.
During his stay in Shaolin, Niklas has also personally had the honor of being assigned the Buddhist Shaolin name Yan Mo by Temple Abbot Shi Yang Xin.
In Sweden there is also a Shaolin Temple at Yangtorp. Niclas has lived at Yangtorp since the age of 4 and has thus also been able to continue his studies together with qigong master Marcus Bongart, who has given him additional strength and knowledge to be able to understand the philosophy of the many thousand-year-old Chinese culture.
Yangtorp Sanctuary is beautifully situated in nature near Österlen.
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Feel free to look in the calendar for upcoming Kung Fu workshops during the Easter break in April 2022!

Shaolin Kung Fu with Niclas (Yan Mo)

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