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Fundraising Foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine & Medical Qigong is engaged in matters of Chinese medicine and has as its main purpose to make financial contributions to treatment, research, investment and development in Chinese medical science and related fields.

TCM has its basis in the approach of Chinese philosophy with many thousands of years of experience and emphasizes a holistic approach to both man and nature.

If you want to support the foundation financially, we welcome a contribution, as well as your personal commitment. The foundation works constantly for the development and dissemination of qigong and the Chinese healing art, as well as to create community in the spirit of qigong.

Swish: 1234378196

Donation account: 56753414606

Email address:

Phone: 0730-503726

Upcoming projects:

  • Development of Yangtorp regarding the climate issue with conversion, among other things, to solar energy and protecting and creating as good conditions as possible   for an existence in balance and harmony between man, animals and nature.

  • Transform 12 hectares of forest into an eco-park and develop opportunities for self-sufficiency and create peaceful meditation rooms in outdoor environments and make it possible for some animal husbandry.

  • Create the conditions for the Shaolin Culture Center at Yangtorp to become a branch of the Shaolin Temple in China.

  • To create the conditions to be able to help the most vulnerable in society by being able to support and offer grants for specific treatments.

Foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine & Medical Qigong

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